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Putting Your Child's Needs First - Middletown Preschool

Our infant program provides the children with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment based on their unique and ever changing needs. As they grow into toddlers, they continue to quickly develop and become their own individuals. In the toddler program, the children are encouraged to express and share these unique personalities.

Our preschoolers are introduced to a balanced program in which both teacher and student directed learning is done.  Our center based classroom layout allows for the preschoolers to explore, be creative, and develop critical thinking skills through the engagement of individualized centers.

The pre-kindergarten program is geared towards fully preparing students socially and academically to enter kindergarten. Students will move beyond the basic ABCs and 123s. Aligned with the NYS Common CORE standards our curriculum includes a concentration in literacy, speaking/listening, language acquisition and expansion, science, social studies, and math.

Why We Are Different - Middletown Preschool

New Wonders Learning Center, Inc. is a preschool in Middletown, NY that welcomes each child and their family as if they were a part of ours.

Our program has been written by seasoned educators to create an environment that supports all of the principles of positive child development.

We are a developmentally based center designed especially for young children based upon their individual needs.

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Impressed beyond words! This center is by far better than any other daycare/childcare facility I’ve ever been to (I have three kids so I’ve done a lot of searching), Being a full-time working mom is tough on so many levels, but the hardest part is putting trust in others to watch over your children while you’re at work. From the minute you walk into the center you feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. hello. The teachers are amazing on so many levels and go above and beyond what is expected of…
Kar Marie
Middletown Preschool Team

The Right Teachers Make the Difference

Our educators are excellent role models who respect the individual feelings and unique learning styles of each child, while providing a nurturing, safe, and loving environment.

We believe that providing each child with the fundamental skills and exposing them to the essential components for a healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth will help promote a positive self image, natural curiosity, and desire to learn.

Our Students are Part of the Family

Our children are creative thinkers who are eager to learn and have fun.  We encourage all of our children to express and share their uniqueness, while having respect and empathy for others.  As each child grows,

New Wonders Learning Center Inc. will support each and every individual need with love, dedication, and the most effective classroom climate that will allow for happy, active learning.

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