New Wonders is a place I call home! My daughter is a better toddler she has learned to share talk in sentences say her colors numbers sings school rhythms and never wants to leave! She happy every morning and on the weekends she asks No School? LOL � staff is always pleasant they always make sure to say good morning and good night all that matters after a stressful day and the owner she always has a SMILE on her face! And she really cares. Takes the time to talk to you even for a few minutes just to be personable! I love that!

Iliana Rodriguez

From birth until almost 2yrs old, our son was used to being home all day with either myself or my husband. When the time came for daycare, we were anxious and overwhelmed with the thought of having to leave him with “strangers”. However, all of our fears were put to rest the very first time we toured their facility.

Val & Melissa are extraordinary people with genuinely big hearts, and the staff is no different. They take the time to know and care for all of the children, even if they aren’t in the same classroom with them. It really is like an extended family.

Now, it has been almost a year since we have started. Words cannot describe how much our son has grown both socially and intellectually. We are truly grateful to have found such a wonderful place!!

Jessica Scott

They are an extension of my family! Safe, loving and best teachers ever!

Danielle De Resh Forma

It is hard to find a place where you feel comfortable leaving your children. My 6,4,2 & 1 yr old all attend this daycare. My 2 & 1 year old do not like a lot of people and they are doing great here. Thank you Tati, Hazel, Jill, Anna, and the new wonders family. Very family-oriented day care.

Alfred and Rhonda Arana

My son has been here over a year and he loves it! The teachers and directors love their students. I would highly recommend this place ❤❤

Roselene Siena

Love this daycare!!! They provide exceptional care to my babies!! Everyone is extremely friendly and honestly makes you feel such a warm & loving environment. I don’t want my little one to ever grow up just so she can stay here!! Mrs. Melissa’s welcoming voice 1st thing in the morning is so refreshing.

Terrin Buchanan

I absolutely love this school. What first attracted my attention was [Watch Me Grow]. The camera system the school provides being a first-time mother it was very hard for me leaving my child in the care of someone else but with the cameras in place it gave me the piece of mind I needed to let her go for a couple of hours. Once I was able to part ways I learned that there were so many other things about the school that have me impressed far beyond words. The staff is wonderful, the school is nice and clean and the most important thing is that my daughter is happy and learning. She has flourished so much since being in their care and she always happy to go in the morning and just as happy in the evening when I go to pick her up. One other thing that I love because I know she enjoys is the music and yoga class that they provide. I am new to Middletown and finding a school for her was one of the hardest things to get done but her dad and I are extremely happy with our choice and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jessica Gripper

Impressed beyond words! This center is by far better than any other daycare/childcare facility I’ve ever been to (I have three kids so I’ve done a lot of searching), Being a full-time working mom is tough on so many levels, but the hardest part is putting trust in others to watch over your children while you’re at work. From the minute you walk into the center you feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. hello. The teachers are amazing on so many levels and go above and beyond what is expected of them. They treat each of their children like family and are wonderful about keeping the parents informed. Their daily reports are very detailed, the rooms are very clean, and my child is happy and safe when I drop off and pick up. They are top notch when it comes to education and it shows. They have so many “extras” included in their price compared to other daycares. They include food and milk so it makes my morning easy and saves so much time. My son has a music class every week which he loves! One of the best things they include is  [Watch Me Grow] surveillance. I can literally log on anytime from my phone or computer and watch live or watch what happened a week ago. It eases my mind greatly knowing he is safe. Every time I turn around I feel like New Wonders comes up with something new. They even just recently added a Lactation station for moms to be able to nurse their children at drop off/pickup/and lunch hour if they are local. I am so grateful for the love and caring atmosphere New Wonders has shown my children, Thank you to all of the staff for your dedication and hard work-I know you will continue to do great things!

Kar Marie

Not your average daycare, more like family!! We love you all.

Jillian Marie

For once my daughter doesn’t cry when I drop her off at school. She gets excited to go in the morning and she learns so much there.

Jessica Scherer

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