I love this school

I absolutely love this school. What first attracted my attention was [Watch Me Grow]. The camera system the school provides being a first-time mother it was very hard for me leaving my child in the care of someone else but with the cameras in place it gave me the piece of mind I needed to let her go for a couple of hours. Once I was able to part ways I learned that there were so many other things about the school that have me impressed far beyond words. The staff is wonderful, the school is nice and clean and the most important thing is that my daughter is happy and learning. She has flourished so much since being in their care and she always happy to go in the morning and just as happy in the evening when I go to pick her up. One other thing that I love because I know she enjoys is the music and yoga class that they provide. I am new to Middletown and finding a school for her was one of the hardest things to get done but her dad and I are extremely happy with our choice and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jessica Gripper

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