Our Middletown Daycare Team

Middletown Daycare Team

We have positive enthusiastic staff!

Our team takes great pride in caring for, educating and nurturing our students.

Our teaching staff regularly attend ongoing training and educational seminars to learn new and exciting things which they bring back to the classroom to engage and educate the students and share with their peers.

Valarie Petersen, Owner

valarie petersen

Ms. Valarie

Hi, my name is Valarie Petersen and I am the owner of New Wonders Learning Center. I have been in the child care field for 15 years and owning a child care learning center has always been a dream of mine.

Children are my passion and I am grateful to be able to provide a safe and loving school culture where our families and teachers learn, grow and have fun together.

Melissa Alvarado, Director

melissa alvarado director new wonders

Ms. Melissa

My name is Melissa Alvarado and I am the Director at New Wonders Learning Center.  I come with many years of teaching experience and hold a BA with a double major in Elementary Education and E.L.A. and a Master's in Special Education.

I am a New York City native and the mother of 3 children, Tatiana, James and Taina and the proud grandmother of Aiden and Ashton.

I love children and children love me!

Tatiana Alvarado, Assistant Director

Ms. Tatiana

Ms. Tatiana

My name is Tatiana Alvarado and I am the Assistant Director at New Wonders Learning Center. I worked as an infant and toddler teacher at New Wonders for a couple of years before being able to grow into my position.

I grew a passion for teaching and building relationships with both the children and their parents. I have two amazing little boys who attend New Wonders Learning Center since infancy and have flourished throughout the years academically and socially. I am so excited to grow and be a part of a such a great team!

Miss Rose, Administrative Supervisor

Ms. Rose

Hello Families, my name is Roselene Siena. I originally started with the New Wonders Family as a mommy. After some time, I became part of the team. I was a teacher first and now I am the Administrative Supervisor.

Every day that I come to work I strive to make a positive and loving influence in all the children’s lives here at New Wonders Learning Center.

Our Wonderful Teachers

Miss Anna. Lead Teacher Infant Room

miss anna

Ms. Anna

My name is Anna Hernandez. I am the Lead Teacher for the Infant Room. I have been working with children for over 25 years. I graduated from Mercy College with a major in Behavioral Science with a minor in Psychology.

I chose child care as a career because child care has been a proficient and rewarding experience.

Miss Kissena, Lead Teacher in Crawlers Room


Ms. Kissena

My name is Ms. Kissena. I have obtained my CDA in Infant and Toddler; and I am currently the Lead Teacher in the Crawlers classroom. I have two children of my own whom I credit for peaking my interest in Early childhood Education.

Every day is rewarding when watching the babies grow and learn.

Miss Hazel, Lead Teacher Toddler Classroom

miss hazel

Ms. Hazel

Hi, my name is Miss Hazel and I am a proud Lead Teacher of one of our many Toddler classrooms. Although I am new to teaching; my love for children began at a very young age. Each child is unique; which calls for a different learning experience every day.

Miss Fallyn, Lead Teacher Toddler Classroom

Ms. Fallyn

Hi, my name is Miss Fallyn. I am currently the Lead Teacher of one of our many Toddler classroom. I work extremely hard every day to be the best teacher I can be.  I am so happy that New Wonders has given me the opportunity to do so.

Miss Desiree, Lead Teacher Toddler Classroom

Ms. Desiree

Hi, my name is Ms. Desiree and I am a Lead Teacher for one of our many Toddler classrooms. Teaching young children is one of the best feelings in the world. I have the pleasure of watching them grow and helping them reach new milestones in their development. This year I will be furthering my education so that I can teach any age group.

Miss Kayleigh, Lead Teacher Preschool

miss kayleigh

Ms. Kayleigh

Hello! my name is Miss Kayleigh. I am the Lead teacher in the Preschool classroom. I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters; they are my motivation for being the best version of myself.

Teaching preschool is my passion and I am so lucky to get to live out my dream here teaching your kids. I look forward on bettering myself, so I can help better the world, one tiny person at a time.

Miss Jazmine, Co-Teacher for our Bilingual Preschool Room

miss jazmine

Ms. Jazmine

Hola, my name is Ms. Jazmine and I am the Co-Teacher for the Bilingual Preschool classroom. I started out with the youngest toddlers and now have the pleasure of moving up with them.

I have had over 14 years’ experience working with children and look forward to growing and learning with you all.

Miss Dianna, Co-Teacher for Bi-Lingual Preschool Class

Hi, my name is Dianna. I am the Co-Lead Teacher for the Bi-Lingual Pre-School Class. I have been working with children my whole life and it is something I have always been passionate about.

I have my associates in Early Childhood Education and look forward to making a difference in the children’s lives here at New Wonders Learning Center.

Miss Erin, Teacher Pre-K

Miss erin

Ms. Erin

Peace: how I like to live and the meaning of my name, Erin. The New Wonders Pre-K classroom is my new community.

Teaching and children's literature have been my passion since adolescence. For nearly 20 years I have taught pre-school and pre-k. Each year is a new adventure I love exploring.

My 3 children, Madison, Avery, and Cian are my greatestaccomplishments. My hubby Stafan is extremely supportive and loving. I am a lucky gal all around.

Learning is a constant in my life which carries over into allthe new visions I bring into the classroom. I have treasured every experience with my New Wonders families and co-workers. I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you!

Miss Beryl, Lead Teacher for Pre-K

Ms. Beryl

Hello, my name is Ms. Beryl and I am the Pre-k Teacher. I have been in the educational field for more than 20 years. I enjoy seeing the transformation of the children starting from young toddlers to little people holding conversations with one another and discovering the world around them with never ending questions.

Mr Baird 

Mr. Baird

Hi, my name is Mr. Baird. I am the Food Production/ Health and Safety/ Transportation Manager here at New Wonders. I am also the proud parent of five children; all of which I can say have been in the care of Valarie and Melissa for over 10 years.

I love coming to work every day to witness a very diverse group of teachers, children and staff come together to truly create something Wonderful! Thank you for letting me be part of their lives!

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